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Paralegal Specialist, Vacancy No. 21-2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Paralegal Specialist, Vacancy No. 21-2014

Opening Date: June 23, 2014
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
FIRST SCREENING DATE: July 7, 2014 And every 15 days thereafter

This position is located in the Office of the Attorney General Department of Health section. Performs extensive legal research, including search of statutes, regulations, legislative history, case law and other legal authorities on points of law applicable to particular legal matters. Assist and supports attorneys who provide legal research. Reviews, analyzes, and organizes facts, documents, and evidence. Drafts routine legal documents. Reviews applications for health professional licenses and health facility licenses to ensure all necessary information and documentation have been submitted.  Performs extensive legal research related to licensure of health professionals and health facilities, particularly when a change in the District’s law is needed. Maintain legal files, including organizing facts, evidence for licensure matters and disciplinary matters.  Prepares routine legal documents and attend meetings where relevant legal issues are discussed. Communicates with applicants, licensees, government prosecutors, and outside attorneys regarding legal issues. Participates in the initiation and ongoing operations of the District’s anticipated prescription drug monitoring programs. Analyzes and evaluates the relevance or particular technical evidence or questions which arise in the account of specialized legal programs. Investigates and becomes familiar with subject matter details involved in a case or legal matter. May be required to prepare orders awarding or denying attorney’s fees and orders of dismissal to be issued by an administrative law judge, appeal judge, or other duly designated manager of legal work. Drafts responses to motions filed by counsel to be issued by the appropriate legal authority, Reviews case files, and studies of pleadings testimony, exhibits, hearing records and briefs of counsel. Establishes and maintains an effective system of monitoring and tracking cases to insure compliance with all relevant deadlines. Reviews contents of reports and procedural or policy papers to identify potential problems, and to assure consistency with agency policy.  Identifies, defines, and analyzes operational problems and poses options and alternatives to existing procedures.