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Personnel, Labor & Employment Division

The Personnel Labor and Employment Division is comprised of the following sections/units:

  • Personnel and Labor Relations Section
  • Hiring and Recruitment Program
  • Equal Employment and Diversity Program
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Summer Associate and Intern Program
  • General Counsel for the DC Department of Human Resources
  • General Counsel for the Office of Human Rights
  • General Counsel, Office of Risk Management

Personnel and Labor Relations Section

This section defends agencies in personnel related matters such as suspensions, terminations for employee misconduct and reductions-in-force.  The defense of these actions is presented through evidentiary hearings before the Office of Employee Appeals and Police Adverse Action Panels and Fire Trial Boards.  The Section also represents agencies in disability compensation matters where claims for disability benefits have been denied or terminated before the Office of Hearings and Adjudication of the Department of Employment Services.  In addition, the Section defends discrimination claims filed before the Office of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Training and Professional Development Program

OAG is committed to providing training and professional development for all OAG employees in order to more effectively fulfill its mission, achieve excellence, improve knowledge, skills and abilities and efficiency, assist staff in meeting changing and emerging workforce demands, and provide upward mobility and growth.

Hiring and Recruitment Program

OAG is committed to hiring and retaining excellent diverse staff on a national level through on-campus interviews, interviews at job fairs and traditional acceptance of applications. 

Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

OAG is committed to fairness and diversity in the workplace, embracing differences and recognizing that the respect and dignity with which we treat each other is critical to the success of the OAG's mission. The EEO Program ensures no person retaliates against, harasses, or coerces any other person because that person has filed, opposes or participates in a complaint of discrimination.  The Diversity Program celebrates differences by promoting understanding and respect of physical, cultural, and social differences among individuals.

Summer Associate and Internship Program

OAG’s Summer Associate and Internship Program provide law, college and graduate students with meaningful substantive work in areas of law which excite them as they consider whether to attend law school.  We also provide students with transferable skills to pursue other passions if they are not interested in attending law school.  Interns provide the office with a valuable service while gaining a thorough understanding of how OAG works through substantive assignments, as well as, visits to many judicial forums.

Office of the General Counsel, DC Department of Human Resources

The mission of the D.C. Department of Human Resources (DCHR) is to provide comprehensive human resource management services to agencies so that they can strengthen individual and organizational performance and enable the government to attract, develop, and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce.  The Office of the General Counsel assists DCHR meet its mission by drafting and/or conducting legal sufficiency review of internal DCHR legislation, rulemaking, Mayor’s Orders, DPM Issuances, DCHR Administrative Issuances and MOU’s; responding to FOIA requests and subpoenas for personnel information; conducting hearings on residency cases and issuing final agency decisions; defending the agency before administrative bodies such as the Office of Employee Appeals; and reviewing agency contracts for non-governmental services.

Police and Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Board

The Police and Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Board is housed within DCHR GC’s Office and seeks to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all members under the purview of the Police  and Firefighters’ Retirement and Disability Act as amended by P.L. 96-122.  It determines eligibility for optional retirement, disability and related matters for District police and firefighters, US Park Police and US Secret Service and their survivors.

Office of General Counsel, Office of Human Rights

Pursuant to the DC Human Rights Act, the Office of Human Rights investigates, adjudicates and issues administrative decisions in response to complaints of discrimination in employment, public accommodation, housing, and education.   The Office of the General Counsel conducts legal sufficiency review of investigations and issues administrative determinations in response to complaints of noncompliance under the Language Access Act and the DC Family and Medical Leave Act.   The Office also provides training for District government and private sector employees. Finally, the OGC drafts a significant amount of rulemaking and legislation.

Office of General Counsel, Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management administers the District’s pre-litigation tort claims program, public sector workers' compensation program, DC Medical Liability Captive Insurance Program, and otherwise provides guidance and support to District government agencies on insurance, occupational safety and strategies to minimize the total cost of risk.