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Legal Assistant, Vacancy No. 25-2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Legal Assistant, Vacancy No. 25-2014

Opening Date: July 1, 2014
Closing Date: July 15, 2014

The Legal Assistant performs comprehensive technical and clerical assignments, as designated, which require specialized knowledge of legal documents and processes in matters relative to the responsibilities of the Section.  The Legal Assistant is responsible for reviewing all legal documents involved with, but not limited to, complex case files to assure that all statutes, citations, exhibits, and other relevant materials are complete and conform to pertinent laws, rules, regulations, and other requirements. Maintains electronic cases files to ensure the timely delivery of charging documents to the court and for the attorneys to be timely prepared for arraignments.  Prepares all such documents in accordance with established administrative policies, stressing immediate handling of critical documents in view of court-imposed deadlines.  Assists attorneys with investigations and preparation of case files.  Examines, researches, compiles and evaluates factual information and data in order to prepare documents for filing in court and/or signatures for attorneys.  Prepares in final form, legal and technical correspondence, pleadings, reports, memoranda, and other documents, while assuring editorial accuracy of material typed.  Provides on-going assistance with case management.  Gathers, sorts, and interprets data for various records.  Maintains organization of case files for all court hearings on assigned cases.  Enters information into the Pro Law database accurately and efficiently.  Maintains all files and reference materials.  Works on multiple assignments simultaneously; arranges for the filing of said documents in the proper court within the required period of time and mails or arranges for delivery of copy to opposing counsel and interested parties.  Scans and shreds designated closed case files to maintain appropriate physical file storage space.   Prepares statistical reports on data and collections of the office for budgetary and audit purposes.  May be called upon to work on Saturdays and or/or holidays to staff the arraignment court.  Assists with reception of visitors and answers phone calls to the office.

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