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OAG brings court actions to stop deceptive and unconscionable business practices and to obtain compensation for consumers. Although OAG does not represent individual consumers, it helps consumers and merchants to resolve their disputes.

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The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) enforces the District's consumer protection law and other public protection laws, including the District's False Claims Act and laws regarding charitable solicitations, nonprofit organizations, antitrust and tobacco products.

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 Individuals wishing to file claims against the District of Columbia Government for loss, damage, or injury, should read the following: Section 12-309, DC Official Code (2001)

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Created in 1976, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) provide community-based input to urban policy makers on issues ranging from zoning, economic development, police protection, and traffic to street improvements, sanitation and trash collection, parking, and recreation.

Price fixing and bid rigging occur when competitors agree to set prices for goods or services. An effective agreement among sellers results in prices that are artificially high. Artificially high prices can damage government or business buyers.

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Customer service counter and line

Before you storm into the business and start shouting, sit down and figure out exactly what happened and what you want them to do (Replacement, Apology, Refund)

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The Victim Witness Assistance Unit recognize that the stressors created by being victimized can become overwhelming not only to the victim but to family and friends.