Commercial Division

The Commercial Division provides legal advice to District government agencies that do business with vendors, service providers and property owners. The Division is organized into four sections.

Land Acquisition & Bankruptcy

The Land Acquisition & Bankruptcy Section acquires land through condemnation proceedings and judicial foreclosure of District tax liens for public purposes such as the creation of affordable housing, the construction of government office buildings and other economic development projects. The Section also represents District agencies in bankruptcy court in personal and commercial bankruptcies in which the District may have an interest.

Land Use & Public Works

The Land Use & Public Works Section advises on land use issues involving zoning, historic preservation and the use of public rights-of-way.

Procurement Services

The Procurement Section reviews all proposed contracts that the Council must approve pursuant to the Home Rule Charter. The Section also provides legal advice to the District’s Chief Procurement Officer (and contracting officers) regarding procurement law and regulations as they apply to the award of District contracts and other related procurement issues. The Procurement Section represents the District before the Contract Appeals Board in challenges to the terms of solicitations or proposed contract awards by District agencies.

Tax & Finance

The Tax & Finance Section advises the District on the issuance of bonds and notes used to finance various capital projects of the District government, nonprofit entities and for-profit entities located in areas specifically targeted by the District for economic and commercial development. The Section also defends real property tax assessment appeals and other tax assessment appeals, and represents the District as a statutory defendant in tax sale foreclosure actions filed in Superior Court.