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Artists v. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity Program and Competition

In 2020, Attorney General Racine is launching the inaugural youth Artists v. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity program and competition. In a time of increased awareness of social and racial inequities, creating art is a way to express oneself, to heal, to inspire, to transform, and to imagine a future free of hatred and discrimination. This competition is part of OAG’s broader effort to empower youth to think creatively about solutions to hate and discrimination, raise awareness of the impact of hate on youth, and elevate youth voices who promote peace.  Students can submit spoken word, poetry, paintings, drawings, mixed media, graphic design, video related to the themes of eradicating hate and promoting peace. If your high school is interested in participating, send an email to

Past Events

Take 30

"Take 30" Video Chats: OAG hosts weekly 30-minute virtual chats to discuss important issues to our community during COVID-19.

  • Taking a Stand Against Bullying, Harassment, and Hate (Sept 25): Video
  • High School Advisory Take 30 Takeover (July 31): Video
  • Combating Hate and Extremism (May 22): Video

Social Media & Virtual Chats

OAG is hosting weekly #AskDCOAG Twitter chats (@AGKarlRacine) for youth and families on important topics during the pandemic, such as managing family conflict, discrimination and civil rights, and more. Learn how District students can earn community service hours by participating.

Countering Hate Programs

High School Advisory Council (HSAC)

HSAC is an intensive three-week, paid program that brings District students together to make important policy recommendations to the Attorney General and his staff. The 2020 program focused on hate and discrimination in schools.