OAG’s Framework for Countering Hate

OAG Countering Hate

OAG believes that when we challenge biased attitudes and behaviors in ourselves, others, institutions, and systems, we interrupt bias before it escalates. This can help stop discrimination, hate, and bias-motivated violence from flourishing. To that end, OAG is taking a stand against hate through policy, programs, and legal action by focusing on awareness, prevention, and support.

On both a local and national level, incidents of hate and extremism, bias-motivated crimes, and extremist groups have generally been on the rise since 2015. While some jurisdictions, including the District, stabilized or saw a small decrease in reported hate crimes in 2019, new data reveals that the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled a national increase in hate crimes. The upward trajectory of reported hate incidents, the volatility of the election season and its expected aftermath, and the increase in extremists leveraging nationwide protests to spread hate and recruit followers suggest that countering and preventing hate and hate crimes will be a significant challenge for the foreseeable future.

National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Presidential Initiative

AG Racine is the 2021 president of NAAG. Each year, the NAAG president identifies an issue to raise public awareness during their one-year term. AG Racine’s NAAG Presidential Initiative is The People v. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity. NAAG efforts to counter hate will follow a similar model to District efforts focusing on Awareness, Prevention, and Support but initiatives will include a nationwide approach with broader partnerships. Through the NAAG Presidential Initiative, OAG will work to create standards and best practices for issues such as hate crime data, survivor support, and youth resilience to hate. To stay up to date on AG Racine’s presidential initiative, email