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Nuisance Abatement Unit

The NVS prosecutors focus on two areas:

Drug, Firearm, and Prostitution Nuisance Abatement

The Drug, Firearm, and Prostitution-Nuisance Related Abatement Act (D.C. Official Code Section 42-1301 et. seq.) allows the District of Columbia to bring civil actions against any person responsible for or involved in creating or maintaining a nuisance, as defined by statute, on any real property in the District of Columbia. NVS also provides training and information to educate property owners and others concerning their responsibilities to address or prevent drug, firearm, or prostitution nuisances.

Property Owners (and their agents) have the authority to bar unwanted individuals from their private property. Property owners (or their agents) must prepare the barring notice and ensure that it is served.

Barring Notice Sample Document

General Nuisance Abatement Multi-Agency Response

NVS prosecutors work to address a myriad of issues that tend to increase community blight and cause chronic nuisances within the District of Columbia. Efforts are extended to address criminal activity stemming from real property, either commercial or residential, that affects the immediate security, public safety, and welfare of the citizens of the District of Columbia. When faced with general nuisance challenges, NVS staff may take a multi-agency approach to address significant criminal activity contributing to urban decay to include significant housing code violations not at the fault of the lawful tenants, general quality of life offenses, illegal business establishments operating without a license or beyond the scope of their license, or bawdy houses.