Victim Witness Specialists assigned to cases take a client centered approach and strive to protect their interest and safety. They may accompany victims to court, assist with preparing victim impact statements, or guide them through the criminal justice process.

Services Provided

OAG’s Victim Services is dedicated to assisting and supporting  individuals who have been subjected to serious and violent crimes by juvenile and adult offenders. We are committed to assisting victims return to a sense of normalcy by providing crisis/acute counseling, support and assistance throughout the entire judicial process, as well as making appropriate referrals to collaborating agencies and organizations to address your individualized needs and personal challenges.

Crime Victim Compensation Program

The Crime Victim Compensation Program provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes that qualify and may include medical expenses, counseling, or funeral expenses. The Office of the Attorney General does not process claims for financial assistance. Program funds are offered by the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund through the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

Under District of Columbia law, victims have rights to participate in the legal process.  The law protects the victims and gives them their right to be heard. 

Out of Town and Local Travel

Some victims of violent crime may require travel assistance to Court.  When out of town victims are required to testify, their travel and lodging expenses will be covered.  The VWAU assists victims with this process. 

Helpful Links

Please visit and read some important information on the Office of Victim ServicesCrime Victims Compensation Program, and WENDT Center websites.

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