Latest Tenant Protections for D.C. Residents

On May 5, 2020, the DC Council enacted critical emergency legislation to protect District residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tenant Protections
The recent legislation also puts in place critical tenant protections during this public health emergency. Most importantly:

  • Your rental provider MUST allow you, if you are undergoing financial hardship, to enter into a rental payment plan for unpaid rent that was due during the covered time period. They must also:
    • Waive any fee or penalty arising from you entering into a payment plan.
    • Not report to a credit bureau any delinquent rent that is subject to a payment plan.
    • Notify you of the availability, terms, and application process for the payment plan program.
  • Rental providers may not file an eviction complaint until 60 days after the public health emergency ends.
  • If your housing provider temporarily stops providing an amenity that you pay for in addition to your rent (e.g. fitness center, business center, community room, etc.), your provider must refund the proper portion of the amenity fee to reflect lost use of the amenity.
    • If your housing provider stops providing a service or facility that is lawfully included in your rent, then your housing provider is not required to reduce the rent.
  • Owners of residential housing accommodations must clean the common areas on a regular basis, including all surfaces that are regularly touched, during the health emergency.

The full legislation can be found here:

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