Services Provided

Victim Witness Specialists in the Public Safety Division offer support and services to victims and witnesses of violent crimes committed by juveniles and to those injured in traffic offenses.  Specialists’ primary function is to connect victims with the services and resources they need to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives.  To do so they may offer the following assistance:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Accessing services to facilitate healing and recovery.
  • Exploring options to increase personal safety.
  • Explaining the criminal justice process and victims’ rights and roles.
  • Applying for compensation from the Crime Victims Compensation Program.
  • Facilitating attendance at court proceedings whether remotely or in person including connecting with interpreters and travel assistance.
  • Accompanying victims to attend court proceedings.
  • Drafting and presenting Victim Impact Statements if the person who caused the harm is convicted or found responsible by the court.

Crime Victim Compensation Program

The Superior Court of the District of Columbia operates the Crime Victim Compensation Program to provide financial assistance to victims of violent crimes that qualify.  Compensation may assist with expenses related to the crime such as medical bills, counseling, home security, and funeral costs.  Compensation does not cover expenses associated with property damage.  More information is available on the court’s website.

Victim’s Rights

  • In cases in which the accused is a juvenile being prosecuted in the Family Court, you can find more information about victims’ rights by clicking here.
  • Victims’ rights in adult criminal prosecutions are contained in the D.C. Code.

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