Below you'll find links to commonly referenced legal opinions and guidance.

Attorney General's Legal Opinions

Legal Advice to ANCs
The Office of the Attorney General is charged by statute (D.C. Official Code § 1-309.12(d)(4)) with providing legal guidance to Advisory Neighborhood Commissions with regard to statutes and other issues concerning or affecting ANCs. This advice and guidance function is performed by the Legal Counsel Division. Commissions can obtain this guidance by emailing Advice letters in response to requests for guidance are posted for public viewing on the OAG website and provide a valuable resource for researching past issues. Commissions are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource before submitting a query to OAG. 

Legal Advice Memos

Requirements of the District’s Data Breach Notification Law

Immigration guidance for District Schools in English and Spanish

Immigration guidance for employers in English and Spanish

DC Marijuana Laws

Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) Notices

Ethics Information for DC Employees

DC Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations

Your Wage Rights

Tenant Receivership Act

File a Claim Against the District