The Owners of Safeway and Harris Teeter Are Planning a Merger. We Need to Know Its Impact Before Investors Cash In.

Hello District Neighbors,

Did you know that Kroger, the massive national grocery chain that owns Harris Teeter, is attempting to merge with the company that owns Safeway?

Yesterday, we sued in federal court and filed a temporary restraining order to stop Albertsons (Safeway’s owner) from paying out nearly $4 billion to their investors until we can complete our review of the proposed merger. We need to know the impact of the merger on workers, consumers, and competition before investors cash in.

Albertsons has $3.39 billion in cash. But this massive $4 billion payout would wipe that all out—which could make it impossible for the company to stay competitive. Last week, we gave the company a chance to do the right thing and pause the payout—but it refused.

If Albertsons can’t compete because of this payout to investors, that could harm District residents by giving them fewer supermarkets to choose from and increasing the cost of food at a time when grocery prices have already jumped more than 12% since last summer.

Healthy and strong competition is an American value, and protecting competition is a rare issue around which Republicans and Democrats are united. The last thing hardworking families need is even higher prices, fewer choices, or fewer jobs. That’s the danger of consolidation in our markets, especially markets like grocery stores that everyday people rely on so much. When we see corporate cash grabs and power plays, we’ll always stand up for DC residents and workers.

Read more about our lawsuit in this story by the New York Times.

Thank you,

Karl Racine

Attorney General

DC Workers: Protect Your Tips


My office is investigating several local restaurants that use the app GratShare to distribute tips and are requiring employees to pay a fee to receive the tips that rightfully belong to the workers. Under our laws, workers must be paid all wages earned, and employers may not deduct the cost of doing business or fees. It’s simple: Your employer should never charge you a fee to access the money you have earned.  

If your employer uses the GratShare app, please make sure you are not being charged fees to get the tips you earn. If you are, contact my office by calling (202) 442-9828 or emailing or


Homeowners: If You Are Struggling Financially, Assistance May Be Available

Homeowner assistance fund

The pandemic caused financial hardship for many people, and sadly, we know more than 7,000 DC households are at imminent risk of foreclosure. The good news is that there’s a local program – funded by federal dollars – that can help DC homeowners keep a roof over their heads through this turbulent time.

Earlier this year, the Department of Housing & Community Development launched the DC Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) to help residents who are behind on their mortgage or other housing costs. Funding is still available for residents who need it.  

  • If you applied for HAF funds before September 30, you are protected from foreclosure until your application is decided and any payment is made. 
  • If you are applying for HAF funds after September 30, the program remains open. You can still apply to receive money from HAF to cover housing costs and avoid foreclosure, but the moratorium on preventing foreclosures no longer exists.

We know there are many residents who started to fill out applications but never completed them, but help is available from many local organizations, and it’s not too late to apply.

Read our consumer alert about the program for information about eligibility and how you can get help applying.

Protecting Our Democratic Processes

Last week, I led a coalition of 22 attorneys general from across the county to fight back against a power grab by North Carolina state legislators who are pushing a radical legal theory that would give state legislators virtually unchecked authority over elections. Their “independent state legislature theory” lacks any support in American history or Supreme Court precedent and poses a grave threat to free and fair elections nationwide.

We filed an amicus brief in the case because if the North Carolina state legislature succeeds, future elections could be thrown into chaos. This case has serious implications for our democracy. We’ll keep doing all we can to defend our democratic processes.