Public Hearing: Providence Hospital Sale

The Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia is reviewing the sale of the Providence Hospital site (1150 Varnum Street NE) to a for-profit entity and held a public hearing on September 6, 2023 at the University of the District of Columbia Community College Lamond-Riggs Campus to receive stakeholder and resident input.

Individuals who were unable to attend the hearing may submit written testimony as a Word or PDF file via email to

OAG's presentation at the hearing is available here

A recording of the hearing is available here, a transcript is available here, and EYA's presentation is available here

The deadline to submit written testimony is Friday, September 29th at 5:00 PM. Alternatively, you can complete this survey to voice your input. 

Please see the notice provided to the State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) of the sale of real property from Providence Hospital to Vision PH Associates LLC here.



Q. Who is selling the property? Providence Hospital, a District non-profit corporation. Providence was founded in 1861 to provide charitable healthcare services to the community.   


Q. Who is buying the property? Vision PH Associates, a for-profit company managed by EYA. EYA is a large developer of real estate in the District, Maryland, and Virginia.  


Q. What exactly is Providence selling? The sale involves an approximately 22-acre piece of land on the Providence Hospital campus, but the precise boundaries of the property that will be sold have not been defined yet.  


Q. What is the purchase price? Providence is selling the property for $1. Providence wants to sell the property because it claims it is losing a lot of money supporting the mostly vacant campus. EYA and Providence say the $1 purchase price is reasonable because EYA will need to pay a lot of money to clean up environmental hazards on the property to be able to redevelop it. 


Q. What will happen with the campus? EYA plans to build real estate. EYA’s plans may change, depending on the exact boundaries of the property it decides to buy. There are also separate zoning regulations that may limit what EYA can build.  


Q. Will the medical office buildings stay open? Right now, the DePaul and Providence Medical office buildings, two medical office buildings on campus, will remain open and operating. Those buildings are leased by another company, LHPT DC (“Lillibridge”). Lillibridge has a right to stay there under those leases. However, EYA could buy those leases in the future to be able to build on the entire campus.  


Q. What is the Attorney General doing to evaluate the sale price? The Attorney General is working with real estate and environmental experts to independently evaluate the value of the land and the clean-up costs.  


Q. What is the Attorney General’s role? The Attorney General may approve the sale, reject the sale, or approve with conditions. Another District agency known as SHPDA is also doing its own review of the deal. The developer needs a thumbs up from both agencies to close the deal.   


Q. Why should I participate? The Attorney General would like to consider your views on whether to approve the deal, reject it, or approve it with conditions.    


Q. How can I learn more about the deal? You can visit to read a more in-depth summary of the deal.  


Q. How can I submit my comments? You can submit written comments at The deadline for written comments has been extended to September 29. We want to hear from you and look forward to your comments.