‘Stay in the Fight’ Against World Series Scams

Nationals Park

“AMAZING Deal: Diamond Club seats at Nationals Park for Game 4 of the World Series—$750/ticket!”

Does this sound like a deal too good to be true? If so, it probably is! As the Washington Nationals head back to D.C. on Friday for their first home game in the World Series, scammers will surely be out in full force trying to take advantage of your excitement and support for our hometown team.

Make sure you know the warning signs of scams surrounding large sporting events and how you can protect yourself:

  1. Beware of a deal that seems too good to be true: Make sure that the ticket price is comparable to other tickets you have researched.
  2. Search for and buy tickets from trusted sites: The Washington Nationals, Major League Baseball, and StubHub are all verified dealers, among others.
  3. Never buy a ticket to an event by wiring money, paying with a gift card, or sending cash: Once you’ve paid with cash, gift card, or wire transfer, there is no way to get your money back. If you can, it is always better to make payments with a credit card.
  4. Beware of parking scams: To avoid the hassle of parking, consider taking the Metro! However, if you are driving, be vigilant against parking scams. Sometimes scammers will stand at the entrance of parking lots or garages with clothing that mimics a legitimate parking attendant’s uniform. Make sure to look for signs that indicate whether you should buy a parking pass from a machine.
  5. Report a scam: If you are a victim of any type of scam, contact OAG’s Office of Consumer Protection by calling (202) 442-9828, emailing consumer.protection@dc.gov, or submitting a complaint online.

OAG works to educate District residents about their consumer rights, responds to individual consumer complaints, and takes law enforcement action when appropriate.