The Attorney General is officially responsible for protecting charitable organizations and their assets for the District of Columbia. OAG can bring court actions to stop organizations from soliciting charitable contributions in ways that violate District of Columbia law. In addition, OAG can bring a court action to dissolve, or place in receivership, a nonprofit corporation that has continued to act contrary to its nonprofit purposes.

Form for Reporting Improper Charitable Solicitations or Misuse of Charitable Funds

Dissolution of Charitable Corporation – Notice to Attorney General

A charitable corporation is required to provide OAG with advance notice of the corporation’s voluntary dissolution.  OAG requests at least one week's advance notice.  The notice should be sent to: Section Chief, Public Advocacy Section, Office of the Attorney General, 441 Fourth Street, N.W., Suite 600-S, Washington, DC 20001.

The notice of voluntary dissolution shall state or describe the corporation’s name and charitable purpose, the process by which the dissolution was authorized, the reason(s) for the dissolution, the nature and dollar value of the corporation’s assets, and the proposed disposition of any significant assets.

The notice-of-dissolution requirement is set forth in the Nonprofit Corporation Act, D.C. Official Code § 29-412.02(g): “A charitable corporation shall give the Attorney General for the District of Columbia notice in the form of a record that it intends to dissolve before the time it delivers articles of dissolution to the Mayor.  Notice to the Attorney General under this section shall not delay or otherwise affect the dissolution process.”

Termination of Uneconomic Charitable Trust - Notice to Attorney General

OAG must receive advance notice of the termination of an uneconomic charitable trust pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 19-1304.14. The Attorney General “has the rights of a qualified beneficiary with respect to a charitable trust having its principal place of administration in the District of Columbia.” D.C. Official Code § 19-1301.10(c). The notice should be sent to: Section Chief, Public Advocacy Section, Office of the Attorney General, 441 Fourth Street, N.W., Suite 600-S, Washington, DC 20001.

Selected Nonprofit Corporation Act Provisions

Regulation Name DC Code Number
Short Title: Nonprofit Corporation Act § 29-401.01
Role of Attorney General  § 29-401.60
Purposes of Nonprofit Corporation § 29-403.01
Powers of Nonprofit Corporation  §§ 29-403.02 to 29-403.04
Derivative Proceedings §§ 29-411.01 to 29-411.09
Notice to Attorney General  [Derivative Proceeding] § 29-411.09
Voluntary Dissolution §§ 29-412.01 to 29-412.09
Notice to Attorney General  [Voluntary Dissolution] § 29-412.02(g)
Judicial Dissolution or Receivership §§29-412.20 to 29-412.23
Investigation by Attorney General § 29-412.20(b)

Selected Charitable Trust Law Provisions

Regulation Name DC Code Number
Short Title: Uniform Trust Code § 19-1301.01
Attorney General Has Rights of Qualified Beneficiary § 19-1301.10
Charitable Purposes § 19-1304.05
Modification or Termination Because of Unanticipated Circumstances § 19-1304.12
Cy Pres § 19-1304.13
Termination of Uneconomic Trust § 19-1304.14
Reformation To Correct Mistakes § 19-1304.15
Modification To Achieve Settlor’s Tax Objectives § 19-1304.16
Combination and Division of Trusts § 19-1304.17

Charitable Solicitations

Charitable Solicitations Law - D.C. Code §§ 44-1701 to 44-1714

Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds

Uniform Law - D.C. Code §§ 44-1631 to 44-1639

Notice to Attorney General of proposed modification - D.C. Code § 44-1635(c)

Healthcare Entity Conversion

Healthcare Entity Conversion Law - D.C. §§ 44-601 to 44-610