The People v. Hate: Standing up for Humanity

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is committed to countering hate and promoting social and racial justice. We do this is by enforcing District laws that protect our residents from discrimination, advancing legislation to strengthen legal protections, providing community resources and programs to end hate, and supporting those who have experienced hate and bias.

The District should be a safe, inclusive, and equitable community for all to ensure we can live, learn, work, visit and play without fear of discrimination or hate.

FAQs on hate and hate crimes and what OAG is doing to stop them.
Learn about the framework OAG uses to combat hate and bias.
Take these immediate actions if you have experienced a hate or bias-related crime.
Read the latest OAG blogs, newsletters, and thought pieces on countering hate.
Join one of OAG’s upcoming events or programs countering hate.
Learn how you can access additional information and resources on hate and countering hate.

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