The following is a list of consumer resources to further your research. Select a subject title to get more information.

Federal Consumer Information Center
(888) 8-PUEBLO (878-3256) Consumer catalogues and publications

Federal Agency Consumer Resources
Consumer information from the federal government

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer education brochures

Car Talk
Car advice from the Click and Clack brothers of National Public Radio

The Common Denominator
Articles written by members of the DC Bar Section Antitrust, Trade regulation and Consumer Affairs, on DC law and consumer rights

Consumer Action
Consumer information including annual surveys on topics such as credit card rates

Consumer Reports Online
Nonprofit organization that publishes a magazine on consumer protection and product safety

Consumer World
Extensive links to consumer resources, including bargains and news releases

Consumer's CHECKBOOK
The Center for the Study of Services provides a good source of information on local merchants

National Consumer Law Center
Training materials for attorneys, and brochures for consumers

National Consumers League
Consumer education including health related matters

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Information on privacy and identity theft, including form letters, fact sheets and links to privacy websites