Price fixing and bid rigging occur when competitors agree to set prices for goods or services. An effective agreement among sellers results in prices that are artificially high. Artificially high prices can damage government or business buyers. Buyers lose the ability to get the best price that results when there is competition among sellers.

The District of Columbia has competition laws that, like federal laws, prohibit price fixing and bid rigging, along with other anticompetitive behavior. The DC Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is dedicated to enforcing the laws against anticompetitive behavior. We want District citizens and employees to know what they can do to detect and prevent price fixing and bid rigging.

OAG has an ongoing program to educate District employees about price fixing and bid rigging, carried out in cooperation with the US Department of Justice, Antitrust Division. Our lawyers are available to speak to citizen groups and provide similar education.

Form for Reporting Suspected Price-Fixing or Bid Rigging

For more information on price fixing and bid rigging, and suggestions about what DC employees and citizens can do to detect and help prevent anticompetitive practices, select from the following:

Antitrust and Other Laws Relating to Competition

Act DC Code
District of Columbia Antitrust Act DC Code §§ 28-4501 to 28-4518
Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act DC Code §§ 28-4521 to 28-4527
Retail Service Station Act DC Code §§ 36-301.01 to 36-305.02
Uniform Trade Secrets Act DC Code §§ 36-401 to 36-410

Links to Selected Antitrust Act Provisions

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