OAG is responsible for enforcement of tobacco companies’ obligations under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and related District of Columbia laws.  The provisions of the MSA and related laws help to protect DC residents by reducing tobacco use, especially among young people.

The District of Columbia’s Tobacco Directory lists the cigarette and “roll-your-own” brands that may lawfully be sold in DC. It is "unlawful for any person to...[s]ell, offer, or possess for sale, in [DC], or import for personal consumption in [DC]," cigarette or roll-your-own brands that are not listed on the Tobacco Directory. DC Code § 7-1803.03(c). This provision applies to wholesale and retail sales, including internet sales.

The District of Columbia has issued forms and instructions regarding the obligations of tobacco product manufacturers and cigarette wholesalers under District of Columbia laws relating to the MSA.

Form for Reporting Unlawful Tobacco Sales

Selected Laws Relating to the Tobacco Settlement

  • Tobacco Settlement Model Act, DC Code §§ 7-1801.01 to 7-1801.02
  • Tobacco Product Manufacturer Reserve Fund  DC Code §§ 7-1803.01 to 7-1803.07
    • Complementary Procedures Act  (Complementary Legislation)

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