AG Schwalb Statement Regarding U.S. House Hearing on DC Elections

WASHINGTON, DC – Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb released the following statement regarding today’s hearing held by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Accountability and the House Administration Committee on DC elections:

 “Today, Congressional Republicans are again kicking the District of Columbia like a political football, this time to advance a nationwide agenda of voter suppression. It is yet another example of cynical political theatre meant only to further a political agenda that has nothing to do with elections in Washington, DC. 

Not only is it hypocritical coming from national politicians who have built their careers decrying federal government overreach, but there is absolutely no evidence of irregularities or fraud here in local DC elections. It is particularly outrageous that Congressional Republicans would attempt to make it more difficult for Washingtonians to vote given that we are already deprived of the fundamental democratic right that all other Americans enjoy – the right to voting representation in Congress.

The solution to continued Congressional interference is simple and clear – DC must become a state. I call on all of my counterparts in local, state, and federal government to join in the fight for Washingtonians’ basic civil rights, voting rights, and right to govern ourselves.”