Attorney General Racine Files Suit Against Columbia Heights Landlord for Housing, Consumer Protection Violations

Complaint Seeks Receiver, Abatement of Violations, and Restitution for Tenants at Property

WASHINGTON, D. C. – Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced that his office has filed a suit against the owners and managers of an apartment building at 2724 11th St NW for allegedly engaging in a pattern of neglect dating back many years and forcing tenants to live with long-term infestations of vermin, mold contamination, and a lack of heat, among other issues.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is seeking a receivership for the building, abatement of a public nuisance, restitution of rent payments for tenants, and penalties.

The District’s suit against Jefferson-11th Street, LLC; SCF Management, LLC; Stanley Ford, Sr.; and Ellis J. Parker alleges that the 26-unit property they own suffers from a multitude of recurring and ongoing code violations. These violations include bedbug and rat infestations, inadequate heating and safety facilities, and extreme mold contamination due to unidentified leaks. The complaint alleges that these violations pose a serious threat to health and safety.

The violations have allegedly been ignored by landlords despite notice from tenants and District government agencies. While tenants have sought relief from the landlords for several years through the District’s Office of Administrative Hearings, the deplorable conditions persist.

“We will continue to seek justice against property owners who violate District law,” Attorney General Racine said. “Our office is committed to preserving existing affordable housing and ensuring that all tenants have access to the safe, habitable living conditions that they are entitled to under District law.”

A copy of the District’s complaint is attached.