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Attorney General Racine Joins Colleagues from 15 States in Opposing Ban on Refugees from Muslim Countries

Sunday, January 29, 2017
AGs Vow to Fight Unlawful, Unconstitutional, un-American Executive Order

Rob Marus, Communications Director: (202) 724-5646; [email protected] 
Marrisa Geller, Public Affairs Specialist: (202) 724-5448; [email protected]

WASHINGTON, D. C. – Attorney General Karl A. Racine today joined his counterparts from 15 states in condemning an Executive Order that President Trump signed on Friday. The order would impose a temporary ban on any entry into the United States by refugees, visitors or temporary residents from seven nations with majority Muslim populations. 

“Tens of thousands of people across the country and the world are protesting this executive action because it is fundamentally un-American,” Attorney General Racine said. “Working together with other state attorneys general, my office will defend our country’s constitutional tradition of upholding the rights of permanent residents; welcoming immigrants, especially those seeking refuge from political or religious persecution; and protecting immigrants and visitors from exclusion, without regard to their religion, ethnicity or country of origin.”

In addition to Attorney General Racine, the joint statement below was signed by the attorneys general of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Vermont and Virginia: 

“As the chief legal officers for over 130 million Americans and foreign residents of our states, we condemn President Trump's unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful Executive Order and will work together to ensure the federal government obeys the Constitution, respects our history as a nation of immigrants, and does not unlawfully target anyone because of their national origin or faith.
Religious liberty has been, and always will be, a bedrock principle of our country and no president can change that truth.
Yesterday, multiple federal courts ordered a stay of the Administration’s dangerous Executive Order. We applaud those decisions and will use all of the tools of our offices to fight this unconstitutional order and preserve our nation’s national security and core values.
We are confident that the Executive Order will ultimately be struck down by the courts. In the meantime, we are committed to working to ensure that as few people as possible suffer from the chaotic situation that it has created.”