Beware of Offers for COVID-19 Tests from Unauthorized Resellers or Peer-to-Peer Sites

OAG has learned that some individuals are trying to profit from this pandemic by reselling COVID-19 tests on craigslist and other peer-to-peer sites. Consumers should avoid purchasing COVID-19 tests from unauthorized retailers or sellers. 

COVID-19 Testing Tips

If you have purchased a COVID-19 test from an unauthorized seller, you may call OAG’s Office of Consumer Protection at (202) 442-9828, submit a complaint at or fill out an online form.

More information about COVID-19 is at: Learn the latest news and tips from the Office of the Attorney General by reading the OAG Blog.

The Office of the Attorney General works to educate District residents about their consumer rights, responds to individual consumer complaints, and takes appropriate law enforcement actions where possible. Learn more about your rights and how to protect yourself against scams at