Highlighting the Incredible Talents of District Youth

Changing the Narrative About Our Youth

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Dear Fellow Washingtonians,

There are so many young people in the District doing extraordinary things, often against extraordinary odds, and they aren’t celebrated nearly enough. Far too frequently, discussions about young people are overshadowed by negative stereotypes or misconceptions. That’s why, at the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), we’re working to change the narrative about District youth and to support and uplift the many young people in our city who are having a positive impact on their community.

The District is home to a diverse and dynamic group of young people, and this month we hosted several events to recognize their remarkable achievements and celebrate them for their incredible talents. At the Right Direction Awards, we honored 30 young people who have demonstrated resiliency in the face of adversity and are actively making DC a better, safer place to live, work, and visit.

We also hosted a “Changing the Narrative” event—alongside Howard University—which showcased creative performances from DC students and included a panel discussion with academics and youth leaders.

Both of these events were powerful, inspiring reminders that our youth represent our promise, not our problems, and showcased what happens when we truly invest in our children. It’s incumbent upon all of us to harness the energy of young people, to support and uplift them, and to seek out and listen to their ideas and make sure we incorporate their perspectives into our work—because they are the next generation’s leaders and changemakers.

And at OAG, we’ll continue to do just that.

Brian Schwalb
DC Attorney General

Announcing the 2023 Impaired? No Time to Drive! Video Contest

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DC High School Students: we’re calling on you to help explain to your peers why they shouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Create a brief video about the dangers of driving while impaired, and you might win super prizes and earn up to 10 of the community service hours you need for graduation. To learn more about the contest, including the rules, tips, and prizes, click here.

Revoking a Predatory Dentists’ License & Barring Him from Practicing in the District

Earlier this month, we announced that, because of OAG’s thorough and effective advocacy, a predatory dentist is now barred from practicing in DC. This case is just one example of the many ways in which OAG seeks to protect District residents by holding those who engage in reckless, deceptive, or predatory behavior accountable for their actions.

Lending Our Ears and Our Hearts to Monologues Written by Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

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Last week, my office—alongside MOTUS Theater—hosted an event where I and other DC leaders co-read monologues written by formerly incarcerated individuals. The event gave us an opportunity to more deeply engage with the experiences of individuals who were pulled into the justice system and reflect on the reasons that many individuals end up in the justice system. I want to again thank everyone who joined us for this moment of reflection and unity.

Urging Congress to Address the Risks of Child Exploitation Created by Artificial Intelligence

OAG works every day to address the dangers and challenges too many of our kids face—and this includes guarding against emerging threats, like child abuse and exploitation enabled by AI. Earlier this month, along with a strong bipartisan coalition of 54 attorneys general from across the country, I called on Congress to take immediate and effective action to address emerging technological threats endangering our children.

Fighting for District Workers & Leveling the Playing Field for Law-Abiding Businesses

Newsletter Labor Day Report


Every day, OAG honors the legacy of Labor Day by fighting to protect District workers’ rights and to level the playing field for law-abiding businesses. This year alone, we’ve secured more than $5 million for workers and the District. Learn more about how we protect and stand up for workers in our 2023 Labor Day Report.