Owners of Four Apartment Complexes in DC Ordered to Fix Hazardous Living Conditions

Compelling Landlords to Fix Dangerous Housing Conditions


Dear Fellow Washingtonians,

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) works tirelessly to ensure District residents are safe in their homes. When landlords and property managers violate tenants’ rights and ignore health and safety requirements, our team springs into action.

Recently, in multiple housing cases, landlords were ignoring court orders to make much-needed repairs, so we redoubled our legal efforts. Earlier this month, we announced successful outcomes in three separate cases against the owners of four apartment complexes in the District—Foster House, Marbury Plaza, Garfield Court Apartments, and Concorde Gardens.

Based on motions our office filed, a judge found that the owners of the Garfield Court Apartments and Concorde Gardens, as well as the owners of Marbury Plaza, had failed to comply with previous court orders to remedy numerous housing code violations that threatened the health, safety, and security of tenants.

Separately, another judge ordered the owner of Marbury Plaza to provide all tenants with a 50% rent abatement—essentially a credit equal to 50% of the rent dating back to June 2022 and continuing until the code violations are addressed. In the case against the owners of Foster House, a judge ordered the appointment of a receiver—a neutral third party who will ensure that repairs are made.  

These outcomes will improve the lives of thousands of District residents who for far too long have been forced to live in deplorable, unsafe conditions. The team of dedicated professionals at OAG work every day to make all our communities healthier and safer, and to ensure all District residents benefit from our city’s many resources.

Thank you,
Brian Schwalb
Attorney General

Consumer Alert: $141 Million from Multistate Settlement to Be Distributed to Consumers Misled by TurboTax Owner Intuit

Earlier this month, we announced a major settlement with Intuit for misleading low-income taxpayers by inducing them to pay for services that should have been free. By holding Intuit accountable, OAG is putting money back in the pockets of people who were taken advantage of. More than 10,000 DC residents who were deceived by Intuit will receive checks in the mail as a result of this multistate settlement.

Wrapping Up Our City-Wide Listening Tour


I am committed to listening to District residents and collaborating with local leaders. As part of that commitment, over the past few months, my office hosted a Listening Session in each ward so that we could hear directly from DC residents about their concerns and hopes for our great city and share information about OAG’s work and services. Residents’ top concerns included: public safety, affordable housing, consumer protection, and homelessness.

To the hundreds of DC residents, ANC Commissioners, local business owners, faith leaders, and community organizers who participated, I say: thank you. My office hears you. We will continue to work alongside your other elected representatives, District agencies, and civic and community organizations to make DC a safer, better, and more equitable place to live, work, and play.

Enforcing Medical & Dental Licensing Regulations to Protect the Health & Safety of DC Residents

OAG enforces regulations that protect the health, safety, and quality of life of DC residents. Earlier this month, we announced successful resolutions in three cases against medical and dental providers who endangered public health and patient safety. As a result, a nurse with falsified credentials and two dentists who did not meet standards of care are no longer practicing in DC.

Protecting the Private Data of Consumers


Reproductive rights are under attack across the country, and my office will always fight to protect people’s right to make healthcare decisions and to access effective reproductive care. Last week, alongside the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys General of Connecticut and Oregon, we announced that Easy Healthcare Corporation will make significant changes to its ovulation tracking app “Premom.” Easy Healthcare shared users’ sensitive data from their “Premom” app with third parties – without consent – putting users’ health and safety at risk. Protection of District consumers’ personal information is a top priority for OAG.

Partnering With the United States Attorney’s Office to Fight Against Public Corruption

The hard-working team in our Public Corruption Section works every day to ensure that those who misuse District government resources, threaten the integrity of government services, and undermine public trust are held accountable. Last week, OAG, alongside the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia (USAO), announced that a former Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer had pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree felony fraud for committing time and attendance fraud against MPD and the District of Columbia. By stealing more than $33,000 from MPD, this former officer not only committed a crime but also violated the trust that DC residents place in law enforcement officers. OAG is committed to continuing its partnership with the USAO to fight against public corruption.

Calling for Federal Regulation of Dangerous Drug Additives

I recently joined a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from across the country urging House and Senate leaders to regulate xylazine, a dangerous drug that is increasingly being misused as an additive to fentanyl. The coalition is advocating for a federal bill that would reclassify xylazine, resulting in increased traceability and higher penalties for illegal trafficking and use. This effort is part of OAG’s broader commitment and response to the rise in opioid addiction and overdoses in the District.