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The Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Victories

The Office of Consumer Protections has secured more than $125 million in penalties, restitution for DC consumers, and other payments through lawsuits and legal action since 2015.

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AG Racine to Testify Today Before DC Council on His Landmark Bill to Modernize Civil Rights Laws & Stop Discrimination in Automated Decision-Making Tools

Attorney General Karl A. Racine today will participate in a hearing before the Council of the District of Columbia to advocate that the Council pass his landmark legislation that would modernize civil rights laws by prohibiting discrimination through the use of automated decision-making tools,…

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AG Racine Sues Tax Preparation Company for Cheating Thousands of DC Consumers With Misleading Cash Advance Promotion

AG Racine today filed a lawsuit against Liberty Tax, the third largest tax preparation service in the U.S., for misleading and secretly increasing the cost of tax preparation for thousands of DC taxpayers.

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AG Racine Announces Instacart Must Pay $2.54 Million for Misrepresenting that Consumer Tips Would Go to Workers & Failing to Pay Sales Taxes

Attorney General Karl A. Racine today announced a $2.54 million settlement with Instacart, an online delivery company, resolving a lawsuit alleging that the company misled DC consumers, used tips left for workers to boost the company’s bottom line, and failed to pay required sales taxes. 

Fighting for Elder Justice so Older DC Residents Can Live with Dignity

Last Thursday, I joined AARP DC State Director Louis Davis, Jr. and more than a hundred DC residents for a conversation about how our office prioritizes combatting exploitation of older District residents, how to help protect our older neighbors from financial abuse and scams, and how we can…

CONSUMER ALERT: Flea and Tick Prevention Pet Products Containing Dangerous TCVP

We seek tick and flea protection for our pets because ticks and fleas both annoy our pets and can carry serious diseases that affect our pets and us. However, many tick and flea collars seen in stores contain TCVP – a dangerous chemical that presents serious health risks to our pets, children,…

CONSUMER ALERT: Protecting your Data Privacy when Seeking an Abortion

The Office of the Attorney General is closely monitoring how the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade may impact people who seek to safely and privately access reproductive health and abortion services in the District of Columbia. Browsing the internet and using our phones may…

The Office of Attorney General’s Legal Efforts to Hold Tech Companies Accountable

Big Tech companies have misled District consumers, charged excessive amounts for services, consolidated power and stifled competition, and skirted District laws to illegally reap more profits at the expense of consumers and workers.

Celebrating Juneteenth and Committing to a More Just Future

On June 19, we will celebrate Juneteenth: the 157th anniversary of the effective end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is a day to celebrate liberation—and it’s a day for all of us to reflect on our nation’s past.

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AG Racine Sues Mark Zuckerberg for Failing to Protect Millions of Users' Data, Misleading Privacy Practices

Attorney General Karl A. Racine today sued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for directly participating in decision-making that allowed the Cambridge Analytica data breach – the largest consumer privacy scandal in the nation’s history – while Facebook misled users with claims of privacy and data…