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Attorney General Schwalb Issues Consumer Alert on Rental Fees & Protections for DC Renters

Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb today issued the below Consumer Alert informing District residents about legal protections against excessive fees throughout the rental process, including caps on application fees and protections against “junk fees” after they sign a lease.  

Consumer Alert: DC Restaurants Are Barred from Charging Deceptive Fees

The District’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act grants District consumers the right to complete, accurate, and timely information whenever they purchase goods or services—including when they place orders at restaurants.

Consumer Alert: Questions and Answers on Abortion Care and Freedom of Expression in the District of Columbia

At the Office of Attorney General, we stand up for people’s rights, including their rights to access health care and to peacefully protest.

Consumer Alert: Drive Safe This Holiday Season

While impaired driving fatalities tragically occur year-round, evidence shows that the holiday season is a particularly dangerous time on the roadways. 

The Office of Attorney General’s Legal Efforts to Hold Tech Companies Accountable

Big Tech companies have misled District consumers, charged excessive amounts for services, consolidated power and stifled competition, and skirted District laws to illegally reap more profits at the expense of consumers and workers.

The Office of Attorney General’s Legal Efforts Protecting Elders and Vulnerable Adults

Since 2019, OAG has obtained more than $544,000 in judgments and settlements for violations of the District’s financial exploitation statute.

Topics: Elder Justice

The Office of the Attorney General’s Actions to Promote Environmental Justice

Since 2014, OAG has recovered $60,641,399 to promote environmental justice in the District through legal action.

The Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Victories

The Office of Consumer Protections has secured more than $125 million in penalties, restitution for DC consumers, and other payments through lawsuits and legal action since 2015.

The Office of the Attorney General’s Legal Victories Cracking Down on Wage Theft

Far too often, OAG has seen employers cheat District workers out of hard-earned wages and break the law to gain an unfair edge over competitors.

Topics: Worker Rights

The Office of the Attorney General’s Legal Victories Protecting Housing for DC Residents

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has been using all the tools in our toolbox to preserve existing housing and protect tenants.