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Testimony on Paternity Establishment Amendment Act

OAG testified before DC Council about needed reforms to modernize our approach to establishing paternity.

Topics: Child Support

T-Mobile customers should take action to protect their identities, as their data may be for sale on the dark web

Residents who were impacted by the massive data breach announced by T-Mobile in August 2021 should take steps to protect their information from identity theft, because they are at heightened risk as a result of the breach.

Tenant Alert: You have a right to stay warm in your apartment

The law is clear: No one should be stuck in the cold inside their apartments.

Surprise Medical Bills Are Now Illegal

New federal protections for consumers against surprise medical bills have gone into effect as of January 1, 2022.

Beware of Offers for COVID-19 Tests from Unauthorized Resellers or Peer-to-Peer Sites

OAG has learned that some individuals are trying to profit from this pandemic by reselling COVID-19 tests on craigslist and other peer-to-peer sites. Consumers should avoid purchasing COVID-19 tests from unauthorized retailers or sellers. 

Topics: Consumer Alerts

OAG Files Complaint against “Express Homebuyers” After Company Sends Letters to District Homeowners Falsely Claiming that they Owe Past Due Property Taxes

Have you received a letter from Express Homebuyers claiming that you owe past due property taxes and must act quickly to prevent your home from being lost to tax sale or foreclosure? OAG has filed a lawsuit after learning Express Homebuyers sent these letters to District homeowners without any…

Consumers: Watch Out for Phishing Scam Attempts Using Uber

OAG has learned of recent phishing scams in the District that we believe are connected to the use of Uber.

Tenant Rights Now that the Public Health Emergency Has Ended

Check out our resource with answers to common questions tenants have asked during this pandemic.

Stopping Charity Fundraising Phone Scams: What Consumers Need to Know

This week, the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, along with the Federal Trade Commission and 46 agencies from 38 states, shut down the operators of a massive and long-running charity fundraising phone scam.

D.C. Consumers: Important Update Regarding Washington Sports Clubs

AG Racine continues to fight for fair treatment of consumers and the refunds and credits they are owed by Washington Sports Club.