Child Support Services Division

The Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Services Division (CSSD) helps parents support their children. CSSD helps District families by: 

  • Locating a child's parent to establish parentage and child support; 
  • Establishing parentage;
  • Establishing a child support order; 
  • Establishing medical support;
  • Enforcing child and medical support payments; 
  • Collecting child, medical, and spousal support payments; 
  • Reviewing child support orders to determine whether an adjustment is needed; and 
  • Helping parents find jobs 

Shared Services Section

The Shared Services Section interacts with the public at the beginning of a matter and throughout the case. Staff answer questions about our services, respond to requests for child support services, receive and process applications for child support orders, and gather information necessary to establish paternity and obtain a child support order. 

The Division’s Customer Care Team answers questions and helps customers with their child support needs.

Legal and Integrated Services Section

The Legal and Integrated Services Section files and litigates court petitions to establish paternity and obtain child support orders.  The Unit also serve parties with documents and goes to court to enforce child support orders.

Fiscal Services Section

The Fiscal Services Section ensures that the each child support order is fully complied with and that financial support that is collected is properly disbursed. The section seeks remedies when child support orders are not complied with, including by coordinating with the noncustodial parent’s employer(s) and other asset holders to obtain support.