Immediate Office

The Immediate Office sets the direction for the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). It is responsible for establishing the policy priorities that the organization pursues and ensuring that the OAG consistently provides high quality legal services to the District agencies the OAG supports. The Immediate Office also manages community relations and communications for the OAG. The office reports directly to Attorney General Racine.

Immediate Office Leadership

Karl A. Racine
Attorney General

Jason Downs
Chief Deputy Attorney General

Penelope Thornton Talley
Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth Wilkins
Senior Counsel for Policy

Gary Kohlman
Senior Counsel for Litigation

Ashita Greenwood
Executive Assistant

James Pittman
Deputy Attorney General for Legislative, Intergovernmental, and Community Engagement

Lindsay Morton
Director of Community Engagement

David Mayorga
Director of Communications

Marta Paravano
Director, Practice Administration and Practice Technology

Christina Jones
Special Counsel for Strategic Youth Initiatives

Chris Tonjes
Chief Information Officer

Contact number: (202) 727-3400