The Attorney General for the District of Columbia is the District’s chief legal officer. The D.C. Charter gives the Attorney General responsibility for “charge and conduct” of all the District’s law business. The charter also states that the Attorney General is “responsible for upholding the public interest.”

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) enforces the laws of the District, provides legal advice to the District’s government agencies, and promotes the interests of the District’s residents. OAG’s goal is to be the nation’s most effective and respected public law office.

The OAG has approximately 275 attorneys and 300 other professional staff members.

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What we don’t do…

While OAG takes on certain types of legal cases that promote the interests of the public, OAG cannot provide legal assistance to individual residents or get involved in private disputes.

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In addition, while OAG is the chief juvenile prosecutor for the District and also prosecutes certain adult misdemeanors, OAG shares prosecutorial authority for local crimes with the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

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