OSSE Letterhead

District residents should be cautious as a new scam is making the rounds where fraudsters use letterhead from the District’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

Federal prison

Making smart reforms in the justice system that reduce crime and produce better outcomes for everyone has been one of Attorney General Racine’s key goals since he took office.

Facebook app

Today, Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed a lawsuit against Facebook for failing to protect users’ personal information and allowing companies to harvest information without users’ consent.

scam alert

District residents should be on the lookout for scammers making telephone calls claiming to be with Pepco.

Holiday presents

Holiday shopping is in full swing and Americans are expected to spend an eye-popping 720 billion dollars this season.


5.1 billion robocalls were made nationwide in November 2018. That’s up from the 2.7 billion in November 2017.

Consumer Alert Banner

Earlier today, Marriott announced a data breach affecting approximately 500 million hotel guests who made reservations at hotels owned by Starwood around the world.

CSSD Career Fair

OAG’s Child Support Services Division (CSSD) will be closed on Thursday morning, December 6 and will resume normal operations at 1:00pm.

Emoluments lawsuit press conference

As part of AG Racine’s work to protect public integrity, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) scored another major win this month when a federal court denied President Trump’s effort to block the emoluments lawsuit brought by the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Detained Children

Today, AG Racine and several states called on the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to stop this harmful and unnecessary policy.