The District of Columbia’s general consumer protection law, which prohibits a wide variety of deceptive and unconscionable business practices, is called the Consumer Protection Procedures Act or “CPPA.”  It is codified at DC Official Code §§ 28-3901 to 28-3913.

The CPPA is enforced by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), which brings civil actions in DC Superior Court to stop unlawful trade practices and recover restitution for consumers. The CPPA also provides for a private right of action: a consumer who is harmed by an unlawful trade practice may sue for treble damages (or $1500 per violation, if greater), punitive damages, and attorney’s fees, as well as an injunction against the unlawful trade practice.  The private right of action is codified at DC Official Code § 28-3905(k)(1).

In addition to the CPPA, the District of Columbia has many specific consumer protection laws, including laws addressing privacy, home mortgages, sales of automobiles, consumer credit, and debt collection.

General Consumer Protection Law:

Consumer Protection Procedures Act DC Official Code §§ 28-3901 to 28-3913

Links to Frequently Used Consumer Law Provisions

Consumer Law Provision Name DC Official Code
Private Rights of Action § 28-3905(k)
Debt Collection Law § 28-3814
Foreclosure Mediation § 42-815.02
Home Solicitation Sales Law § 28-3811
Lemon Law Remedy § 50-502
Unlawful Trade Practices (Listed) § 28-3904

Selected Consumer Protection Laws

Consumer Protection Law Names DC Official Code
Assistive Technology Device Warranty Act §§ 28-4031 to 28-4034
Automobile Consumer Protection Act (Lemon Law) §§ 50-501 to 50-510
Consumer Credit Protection Act §§ 28-3801 to 28-3816
Consumer Credit Service Organizations §§ 28-4601 to 28-4608
Consumer Lay Away Plan Act § 28-3818
Consumer Personal Information Security Breach Notification Act §§ 28-3851 to 28-3853
Consumer Security Freeze Act §§ 28-3861 to 28-3864
Direct Motor Vehicle Installment Loans §§ 28-3601 to 28-3603
Health Spa Consumer Protection Act § 28-3817
Hearing Aid Dealers and Consumer Act §§ 28-4001 to 28-4007
Home Equity Protection Act (Foreclosure Rescue Services) §§ 42-2431 to 42-2435
Home Loan Protection Act §§ 26-1151.01 to 26-1155.01
Identity Theft §§ 22-3227.01 to 22-3227.08
Installment Sales of Motor Vehicles §§ 50-601 to 50-610
Interest Rate Caps (Usury) §§ 28-3301 to 28-3315
Natural Disaster Consumer Protection Act §§ 28-4101 to 28-4103
Rental Housing Locator Consumer Protection Act § 28-3819