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Financial Scams Target Residents Who Are Already Struggling. We’re Fighting Back.

Bad actors and scammers are targeting DC residents with the least financial resources, hitting them with hidden fees, high-interest loans, or even higher costs for services.

Supporting Survivors of Crime and Returning Residents

Hearing from people who have been through the system always reminds me how much work must still be done to make our justice system create better outcomes for our community.

Topics: Public Safety

Holding Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, the Commanders & the NFL Accountable

Today my office announced a lawsuit against the Commanders, their owner (Dan Snyder), the NFL, and the NFL Commissioner (Roger Goodell) for lying to and deceiving District residents—the heart of the Commanders’ fanbase.

The Owners of Safeway and Harris Teeter Are Planning a Merger. We Need to Know Its Impact Before Investors Cash In.

Yesterday, we sued in federal court and filed a temporary restraining order to stop Albertsons (Safeway’s owner) from paying out nearly $4 billion to their investors.

Topics: Antitrust

Standing Up for Fair, Safe, and Equitable Housing in the District

It’s been a busy few weeks advocating for housing justice here at the Office of Attorney General. We’ve had two significant wins: Passing emergency legislation to reform the DC Housing Authority and securing the largest housing discrimination penalty in U.S. history.

Topics: Tenant Rights

CONSUMER ALERT: Avoid Using Unencrypted Messaging Sites Like Facebook Messenger to Communicate About Seeking Abortion Services

While abortion remains fully legal in the District, consumers and those seeking abortions should be aware of how others may use their data, and they should take steps to protect themselves and their data and privacy.

We Are Suing a Major Chemical Manufacturer for Harming DC Residents

Environmental justice is intertwined with racial justice. By filing this lawsuit, we’re standing up for communities of color, who, far too often, bear the brunt of pollution, as they did in this case.

Aid for Local Groups on the Front Lines of the Migrant Humanitarian Crisis

Our office has a strong track record of standing up for immigrants and taking action to improve public safety across the District. In response to the Texas and Arizona Governors’ callous decision to bus thousands of migrants to the District, we created a new grant program to provide immediate…

Topics: Other

CONSUMER ALERT: D.C. Office of the Attorney General Warns Consumers about Misinformation from Loan Servicers About Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

If you have federal student loan debt and work in public service, you may already qualify for loan forgiveness—or you may be closer to qualifying than you think. But the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia (OAG) has learned that at least one student loan servicer has…

Topics: Consumer Alerts