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Know Your Rights: COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave

In May, the D.C. Council passed a temporary expansion of the District’s Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act (ASSLA), which provides some workers additional paid sick leave during the COVID-19 emergency.

Topics: Worker Rights

ALERT: Food Delivery Workers Should Beware of Car Thefts

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has seen a rise in car thefts involving food delivery drivers because drivers are leaving their cars idling, with keys in the ignition, ripe for theft while the driver is dropping off food.

Topics: Public Safety

Don’t Be Scammed By A ‘Phantom Debt’ Collector

Phantom debt is a term for debt that either does not exist, has already been discharged, or has been artificially (and illegally) inflated, but somehow continues to haunt the debtor.

Suicide Prevention Month: Mental Health Resources

This Suicide Prevention Month, the Office of the Attorney General wants you to know that you are not alone.

Topics: Public Safety

D.C. Voter Checklist

But whether you’re a first-time voter or ballot box regular, it’s so important that every District resident make their voice heard this election.

Topics: Other

Cure the Streets Spotlight: Timothy Doyle

Cure the Streets (CTS) violence interrupters working in Ward 5 at the Eckington and Truxton site take turns being on-call each night.

Topics: Public Safety

Investigating the Closure of Providence Hospital & Safeguarding Nonprofit Assets

In 2018, Ascension Health, a national nonprofit healthcare network based in Missouri, announced it would be closing Providence Hospital, a large nonprofit hospital it owned in the District.

Topics: Other

Cure the Streets Spotlight: Frederick Mercer

Walking the streets of Ward 8’s Washington Highlands community, you will likely encounter Frederick Mercer, a Cure the Streets Violence Interrupter.

Topics: Public Safety

Cure the Streets Spotlight: Lorenzo Sanders

Lorenzo is a violence interrupter for Cure the Streets in Ward 7’s Marshall Heights and Benning Heights neighborhoods. He’s a father of three children, but when you see him walking the streets in the community, you quickly realize that he’s a father figure to many.

Topics: Public Safety

Stopping Deceptive Billing Practices at Nursing Homes

Admitting a loved one to a nursing facility can be a difficult and costly choice. Family members making this decision should have the peace of mind that they are being treated fairly during the process.