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On Data Privacy Day, Protect Your Privacy Online

As we live more and more of our lives online, we are all increasingly subject to being tracked.

Seeking job opportunities? Career Fair for Parents with Active Child Support Cases

August is Child Support Awareness Month and while OAG’s Child Support Services focuses on helping District families all year long, this month they roll out special efforts to help parents support their children.

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Newsletter: Targeting Discrimination in the District

OAG recently established a Civil Rights Section to enforce civil rights protections and address the spike in hate crimes in the District that have targeted the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations.

Newsletter: Know Exceptional DC Youth?

In 2015, AG Racine established the Right Direction Awards as an annual celebration to honor District youth who have overcome significant challenges and are positively affecting our community.

HEADS UP: Child Support Services Office Opens at 1:00pm on Dec. 6

OAG’s Child Support Services Division (CSSD) will be closed on Thursday morning, December 6 and will resume normal operations at 1:00pm.

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Child Support Amnesty: Helping Parents Get Back on Track to Support Their Kids

OAG is rolling out a few special initiatives designed to give parents the tools they need to support their children.

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