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CONSUMER ALERT: Protecting your Data Privacy when Seeking an Abortion

The Office of the Attorney General is closely monitoring how the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade may impact people who seek to safely and privately access reproductive health and abortion services in the District of Columbia. Browsing the internet and using our phones may…

In DC, We Stand Up Against Discrimination

Last week, I filed a civil rights lawsuit against the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) for forcing hundreds of public housing residents with disabilities to wait years—and sometimes more than a decade—for accessible housing.

Celebrating Juneteenth and Committing to a More Just Future

On June 19, we will celebrate Juneteenth: the 157th anniversary of the effective end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is a day to celebrate liberation—and it’s a day for all of us to reflect on our nation’s past.

Cracking Down on Owners of Vacant Properties Evading Taxes

It will likely come as no surprise to you that the District is in the midst of a housing crisis, with too many residents struggling to access safe and affordable places to live.

Topics: Tenant Rights

Clawing Back Money from the Trump Organization and Redirecting it to Support DC Youth

This week, we made a big announcement: We clawed back $750,000 from the Trump Organization and the Trump Inaugural Committee and gave it to District nonprofits educating youth about democracy and civics.

Making DC Safer, in the Short and Long Term

Our most important role is to help protect our neighbors—and we take that job very seriously.

Topics: Public Safety

Expanding Our Lawsuit Against January 6th Insurrectionists

Back in December, we went to the U.S. Capitol to announce that we filed the first civil lawsuit by a government entity against violent January 6 insurrectionists. We are holding them legally accountable for causing extensive harm to the District, our democracy, and the brave law enforcement…

Topics: Other

We Sued Grubhub to Protect Residents & Local Restaurants From Harmful and Deceptive Business Practices

Last week, we filed a lawsuit against Grubhub, a food delivery company, for charging hidden fees, misleading District residents, and exploiting local restaurants to boost its own profits. And it did all of this as residents and DC restaurants struggled during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic…

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At My Office, Every Week is Consumer Protection Week

Even though last week was National Consumer Protection week, at my office, every week is Consumer Protection Week. That’s because consumers like you play a key role in identifying and alerting our office to deceptive businesses, scams, and fraudsters.

Topics: Other

We Secured Nearly $80 Million for DC, including from the Sackler Family & Purdue Pharma, to Support Victims of the Opioid Crisis

Today, attorneys general from the District and eight other states reached a landmark agreement that requires the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma to pay a total of up to $6 billion – an additional $1.7 billion more than an initial agreement that some states agreed to last year. It resolves the…

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