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Cure the Streets (CTS) is a public safety pilot program working to reduce gun violence in the District. CTS uses a data-driven, public-health approach to treat violence as a disease that can be interrupted, treated, and stopped from spreading. CTS is working in six sites with some of the highest rates of gun violence in Wards 5, 7 and 8.

Cure the Streets is working to reduce violence in these ways:

Interrupting Potentially Violent Conflicts
CTS Violence Interrupters (VIs) are hired for their credibility, relationships, and influence within targeted neighborhoods and trained to resolve conflicts. VIs engage with the community to learn about brewing conflicts and resolve them peaceably before they erupt in violence. If a shooting does occur, CTS works with those affected by the incident to prevent retaliation. CTS also organizes rallies or vigils when shootings occur to ensure that violence is not normalized.

Identifying and Treating High-Risk Individuals
CTS Outreach Workers (OWs) recruit and work with individuals at high risk for involvement with violence in order to reduce their risk factors. OWs meet with program participants several times a week to implement individualized risk reduction plans. They also help connect participants with needed services, such as housing, counseling, and employment assistance, and develop action plans for a positive future.

Mobilizing the Community to Change Norms
CTS engages with residents, community leaders, local businesses, faith leaders, service providers, and high-risk individuals to build coalitions and develop strategies to reduce violence. CTS works with these partners to organize forums and public events where residents can gather and interact safely without fear of conflict and violence.

Community partners employ 60 Cure the Streets frontline staff at these sites:

CTS Map Ward 5
CTS Map Ward 7
CTS Map Ward 8

More information
Contact OAG's Violence Reduction Co-chiefs Allen James and Lashonia Thompson-El at or browse our Cure the Streets resources below: