Immigrants represent approximately 100,000 of the District’s 700,000 residents and add immeasurable value to our communities and economy. OAG is working to protect our immigrant community through public education, community engagement, and defending their rights in court.

OAG Resources

  • Information on the Public Charge Rule: We know that many District residents have questions and concerns about the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new Public Charge Rule. This Trump administration rule affects people applying for new visas, visa renewals, or lawful permanent resident status (green cards) on or after February 24, 2020. This page contains general information about the public charge rule and how D.C. residents can get further information and assistance. The information in English and Spanish is for general educational purposes and is not legal advice.
  • Know your rights if ICE knocks on your door: In 2018, local news outlets reported that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials detained District residents in predominantly Latino neighborhoods and suggested the agency engaged in racial profiling. OAG issued “Know Your Rights” tips for residents in English and Spanish.
  • Know your rights about immigration enforcement in the workplace: In response to heightened concerns over immigration enforcement in the workplace, OAG released guidance to help employers and employees know their rights in English and Spanish.
  • Know your rights about immigration enforcement in schools: In an effort to clarify student rights and allay concerns over immigration enforcement at schools, OAG released guidance for District school personnel about protecting the rights of students and their families in English and Spanish.

Community Engagement

  • Immigrant Community Forum: OAG organized a multilingual forum about issues important to the immigrant community at the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School. The presentation informed residents about issues including how to report wage theft, what steps to take if landlords fail to make critical home repairs, and what to do if ICE knocks on your door. Click here to watch a recording of that presentation.
  • Pro Bono Immigration Trainings: Navigating the immigration process can be a difficult task if you don’t have the resources to afford a lawyer. To increase immigrants’ access to legal services and ensure the justice system works for everyone, OAG hosts trainings to help local lawyers understand immigration proceedings and how they can provide free legal support to District residents. Click here to watch a recording of that training.