Why is it necessary for me to come to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) the next morning following the crime?

It is essential for you to speak with the Assistant Attorney General (AAG), MPD officer and Victim Witness Program Specialist (VWPS) in order for your case to proceed through the judicial system. The attorney will listen to your version of the incident along with the police to determine the charges. The VWPS will inform you of your rights, conduct a needs assessment to determine what services you will need and keep you informed and updated on the case status through its entire process.

I was injured during a robbery and I do not have medical insurance, who will pay for my medical expenses?

The Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) program will pay up to $25,000.00 towards crime related medical expenses after all other options have been exhausted e.g. personal medicalinsurance and workmen’s compensation etc. CVC will pay the billing agency upon your submission of bills. You will be compensated for any out of pocket medical related expenses with confirmation of receipt.