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Owners of Four Apartment Complexes in DC Ordered to Fix Hazardous Living Conditions

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) works tirelessly to ensure District residents are safe in their homes. When landlords and property managers violate tenants’ rights and ignore health and safety requirements, our team springs into action.

Consumer Alert: DC Restaurants Are Barred from Charging Deceptive Fees

The District’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act grants District consumers the right to complete, accurate, and timely information whenever they purchase goods or services—including when they place orders at restaurants.

Worker Alert: Noncompete Provisions Are Now Illegal for Many DC Workers

The Office of Attorney General encourages DC workers to review their employment contracts and contact our office if they believe an employer may be violating a new law on noncompetes.

Consumer Alert: Don’t Get Scammed This Tax Season

The Office of Attorney General is committed to holding predatory businesses and individuals accountable, while helping residents avoid unnecessary fees, tax scams, and other pitfalls.

Consumer Alert: You May Qualify for Free Tax Preparation

Consumers often spend hundreds of dollars for tax preparation services when they could get free help through IRS-trained volunteers.

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Consumer Alert: Questions and Answers on Abortion Care and Freedom of Expression in the District of Columbia

At the Office of Attorney General, we stand up for people’s rights, including their rights to access health care and to peacefully protest.

Financial Safety During the Holidays: Tips to Avoid Being Scammed this Season

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, every year thousands of people become victims of holiday scams.

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Consumer Alert: Drive Safe This Holiday Season

While impaired driving fatalities tragically occur year-round, evidence shows that the holiday season is a particularly dangerous time on the roadways. 

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Worker Alert: Check Whether You Are Being Charged Fees to Collect Tips

OAG Alerts Workers that Restaurants Using GratShare Tip-Distribution App Are Illegally Charging Employees Fees to Receive Tips