Public Advocacy Division

The Public Advocacy Division uses legal actions and the power of the courts to promote and defend the rights of the District’s residents—with a particular emphasis on protecting vulnerable and disadvantaged residents. The Division is focused on housing, community justice and public integrity.

Housing and Community Justice Section

The Housing and Community Justice Section uses litigation and creative problem solving to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the District. The Section litigates cases essential to preserving affordable housing and holds landlords accountable for providing safe and habitable housing. It takes actions to protect communities from drug, firearm and prostitution-related nuisances. The Section holds employers accountable for paying the wages they owe their employees. It also litigates cases important to preserving civil rights and protecting residents from other abuses.

Learn more about this Section's work to protect workers from wage theft and preserve affordable housing.

Public Integrity Section

The Public Integrity Section is focused on strengthening fraud and financial abuse protections for District residents. The Section litigates cases as appropriate and develops policies, regulations, and proposed legislation. The Section pursues cases concerning

  • Antitrust enforcement.
  • Nonprofit organization abuses.
  • Tuition fraud.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Medicaid fraud.