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Consumers: Watch Out for Phishing Scam Attempts Using Uber

OAG has learned of recent phishing scams in the District that we believe are connected to the use of Uber.

Tenant Rights Now that the Public Health Emergency Has Ended

Check out our resource with answers to common questions tenants have asked during this pandemic.

Stopping Charity Fundraising Phone Scams: What Consumers Need to Know

This week, the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, along with the Federal Trade Commission and 46 agencies from 38 states, shut down the operators of a massive and long-running charity fundraising phone scam.

D.C. Consumers: Important Update Regarding Washington Sports Clubs

AG Racine continues to fight for fair treatment of consumers and the refunds and credits they are owed by Washington Sports Club.

Don’t Be Scammed By A ‘Phantom Debt’ Collector

Phantom debt is a term for debt that either does not exist, has already been discharged, or has been artificially (and illegally) inflated, but somehow continues to haunt the debtor.

Stopping Deceptive Billing Practices at Nursing Homes

Admitting a loved one to a nursing facility can be a difficult and costly choice. Family members making this decision should have the peace of mind that they are being treated fairly during the process.

Latest Tenant Protections for D.C. Residents

On May 5, 2020, the DC Council enacted critical emergency legislation to protect District residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beware of COVID-Related Charity Scams

Especially now, many Americans are admirably trying to help those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis through charitable donations—but beware of scams.

ALERTA AL CONSUMIDOR (COVID-19): Estafas en pagos federales de auxilios por coronavirus

Los residentes del Distrito deben estar en alerta máxima por estafas relacionadas con pagos federales de auxilios por coronavirus o "pagos de impacto económico".

CONSUMER ALERT (COVID-19): Federal Coronavirus Relief Payment Scams

District residents should be on high alert for scams related to federal coronavirus relief payments or “economic impact payments.”