The District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Services Division (CSSD or Division) is authorized under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act to provide services to assist families.  CSSD helps many families to transition from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and its assistance keeps other families from needing to seek public assistance at all.

The CSSD Mission

CSSD is dedicated to establishing parentage and obtaining child support in order to encourage responsible parenting, family self-sufficiency and child wellbeing and to recognize the essential role of both parents in supporting their children.

The District’s child support program assures that assistance in obtaining support is available to children through locating parents, establishing parentage, establishing and modifying child support obligations, monitoring and enforcing those obligations, and assisting with barriers to employment.

The CSSD Vision

The District of Columbia Child Support Services Division, in order to enhance the lives of the District’s children, is dedicated to strengthening families through the provision of services that result in the establishment of parentage and support, the collection of appropriate and consistent payments, and the promotion of both parents’ involvement with their children.

To that end, the program will provide outstanding customer service to both custodial and noncustodial parents, create a dynamic and innovative work environment, and continue to recognize the value of our employees.

CSSD's Guiding Principles

Children First

We believe in a shared commitment among parents, communities, and agencies to put the wellbeing of children above all else.

Quality Customer Service

We are committed to providing timely, courteous, and responsive services to our customers and coworkers.  This includes interacting in a meaningful way to set appropriate customer expectations.

Cooperative Partnerships

We promote sharing, cooperation, and joint efforts with families, communities, and agencies in an environment of trust and open communication.

Integrity and Ethical Conduct

We uphold the highest ethical standards of personal and professional conduct, not allowing personal interests or beliefs to interfere with our professional responsibility.

Operational Excellence

We proactively seek the most efficient and effective ways to meet the needs of children and families.