A parent is responsible for paying all of the ordered child support.  However, when a parent is ordered to pay support, but experiences difficulty, there are programs and other information that may help the parent to meet this obligation.

Alternative Solutions Center

CSSD has created the Alternative Solutions Center (ASC). ASC is an in-house workforce development and service referral program for customers in CSSD cases. Through ASC, parents can participate in a job-readiness training program; be connected to a range of social or community services; and receive guidance as they seek to obtain long-term, stable employment.

Fathering Court

The Fathering Court is a program that offers new opportunities to parents ordered to pay support so they can better provide for their children.  The program offers job training, counseling, employment services, and judicial access. Participants will be educated, counseled, and encouraged to place their children’s needs first.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an arrears-forgiveness program offered to qualifying parents who have been ordered to pay support. Fresh Start participants enter a payment agreement with CSSD. If the participating parent complies with the agreement by making consecutive timely payments on the current support obligation or a lump-sum payment towards arrears, a portion of the TANF arrears owed will be forgiven.