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CSSD provides a range of services to the parents or caregivers of children. Select from the list below to learn more about CSSD services.

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Opening a Child Support Case

All children have the right to financial support from both parents, and opening a child support case is the first step in that process with CSSD.  For more information, visit: Opening a Child Support Case.

Managing a Case

After a child support case is opened, the process of managing the case begins, and each step is intended to move toward the ultimate goal: getting support for the child(ren). For more information, visit: Managing a Case.

Establishing Parentage and Paternity

Because a child's parents have a legal obligation to provide support, a critical first step in every case is determining parentage. Learn about the ways parentage can be established. For more information, visit: Establishing Parentage and Paternity.

Establishing a Child Support Order

The child support order outlines the specifics of the financial and/or medical support to be provided by the child(ren)'s parents. For more information, visit: Establishing a Child Support Order.

Enforcing a Child Support Order

Once an order is entered, enforcement must occur so that the child(ren) can receive the intended support. For more information, visit: Enforcing an Order.

Modifying a Child Support Order

At times, family circumstances change, and the change may prompt a support order modification. For more information, visit: Modifying an Order.

Working with CSSD in Interstate Cases

When a child's parents live in different states, case processing follows unique rules. For more information, visit: Working with CSSD in Interstate Cases.

Obtaining Information about Your Case

Ongoing case information is important and is available from CSSD in several ways. For more information, visit: Obtaining Information about Your Case.

Using the Child Support Tip Line

Use the Child Support Tip Line to give information anonymously to help find noncustodial parents. For more information, visit: Using the Child Support Tip Line.

Accessing CSSD Language Support

CSSD is able to provide help to many customers in their native languages so that they are able to participate in the process fully. For more information, visit: Accessing CSSD Language Support.

Additional Information

For more information about child support generally, visit the Understanding Child Support webpage sponsored by the federal Office of Child Support Services (OCSS).