Failure to Pay

Enforcement activity begins on a case once a child support order is established. A first payment should be made when the order is entered or shortly thereafter.  After that, if possible, enforcement happens through wage withholding. However, until wage withholding begins or if the paying parent is not employed, that person is responsible for making the payments according to the schedule set out in the order. For additional information, visit How to Pay Support.

Enforcement Activity on Past-Due Child Support

Additional enforcement activity begins 30 days after the date a payment becomes due. CSSD has several ways to collect on arrears (or past-due child support).  The goal always is to educate the parent ordered to pay support about the various options that may be available to avoid heightened enforcement actions. However, CSSD may lawfully take steps to collect payments if they are not paid in full or on time. Depending on the situation, CSSD has authority to pursue actions such as the following: