Establishing Support


The District of Columbia child support guidelines are used to determine the amount of child support owed by the parents, especially the parent ordered to pay support.  The guidelines factor in the incomes of both parents, child care costs, health insurance expenditures, child support paid on other cases, and other variables in calculating the child support amount.  The guidelines are set in DC law and are used by the DC Superior Court as part of child support hearings.

The DC Guideline Calculator

Access the DC Guideline Calculator to enter the required information and to determine the possible child support obligation amount.

Please Note: The DC Guideline Calculator's estimate is for informational use only and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support the court will order. The results are only as accurate as the information entered when using the tool. Other factors may affect the actual child support order, and the court will have the final authority to determine the amount of the child support order.

Understanding the Impact of SSI and SSDI on Child Support 

Sometimes a child's parent needs assistance to meet individual needs because of age, disability, or other circumstances.  The government's provision of such resources to a parent may have an impact on that parent's child support obligation. For additional information, visit: Impact of SSI and SSDI on Child Support.