Paying-How To



Child Support Payment Methods

There are several ways for a parent to make the ordered child support payments. 

Wage (Income) Withholding Payments

When an employed parent is ordered to pay support, the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) is required to issue an Order/Notice to Withhold to that parent's employer(s). With wage withholding (also known as income withholding), the parent’s employer deducts the support obligation amount directly from the employee’s wages and sends in the support payments.

Keep a few notes in mind regarding wage withholding:

  • It can take several weeks to begin payment through income withholding. The paying parent is responsible to make all payments until the employer successfully begins sending in support payments.
  • Some employers charge a fee for income withholding, often about $2.00 per payroll deduction. 
  • The paying parent must notify CSSD of any new job so that CSSD can send an income withholding order to the newly identified employer.  However, the paying parent is responsible for making all payments between the end of wage withholding at one job and the start of wage withholding with the new employer.

Mailed Payments (Child Support Clearinghouse)

The DC Child Support Clearinghouse processes child support payments.  It receives and posts payments that are made through the mail, online, telephone, or Pay Near Me.  The Clearinghouse also disburses (or sends out) payments to the child(ren)'s primary custodian.

Paying Child Support by Mail

Money orders or checks must be made payable to: “District of Columbia (DC) Child Support Clearinghouse.”  Information must be written clearly and must contain the payor’s name, case number, and Social Security number.

Money orders and checks must be mailed to the appropriate PO Box as follows:

Payments from Parents

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37715
Washington, DC 20013-7715

Payments from Employers

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37868
Washington, DC 20013-7868

Payments from Other State Agencies

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37789
Washington, DC 20013-7789

Online Payments (Smart Pay)

Child support payments can be made online by credit or debit card by accessing Debit or credit card payments can also be made using the Pay by Phone option that is available through CSSD's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at (855) 702-2270. 

Cash Payments (PayNearMe)

PayNearMe is a convenient way to pay child support with cash at any local Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, or Family Dollar store.

The flyer below outlines how the program works and shares additional information.  Paying in cash is easy!